Wireless & Remote Access

TU Wireless Network — The freedom to access Internet and network resources anytime, from anywhere on campus.

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TU Wireless Network

TU Wireless network offers two on-campus connections: tu-secure and tu-openaccess.

Faculty, Staff and Students

tu-secure should be used as the wireless connection on campus. tu-secure provides a secure connection and the ability to access on campus resources including printers, network drives (H:, O:, etc.) and/or Towson resources.

Visit TU Wireless for step-by-step instructions on setting up tu-secure on your device or troubleshooting issues. A valid Towson NetID is required, and the Acceptable Use of the TU Wireless Network policy should be followed.

Forgot your password? Reset it online or call the OTS Help Desk at 410-704-5151.

Entertainment Systems and Streaming Media

tu-openaccess should be used for entertainment devices such as ROKU, Xbox, and Wii's. Visit OTS Training's TU Wireless page for step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting issues and setting up tu-openaccess on your device. No guest account is needed.


tu-openaccess should be used by campus visitors.

  • Visit TU Wireless for step-by-step instructions for setting up tu-openaccess on your device or troubleshooting issues. No guest account is needed. 

Wireless Network Coverage

TU wireless networking extends across the campus’ 329 acres. See areas of campus that are covered in the Wireless Coverage Map of TU Campus (PDF) or check the list below for specific locations. 

Campus Locations with Wireless Network Coverage

7800 York Rd.
Administration Building
Auburn House
Burdick Hall
Center for the Arts
College of Liberal Arts
Cook Library
Health Center
Enrollment Services
Field House
General Services
Glen Complex
Glen Dining Hall
Glen Esk
Hawkins Hall
Landscape Services
Lecture Hall
Linthicum Hall
Media Center
Newell Dining Hall
Power Plant
Richmond Hall
SECU Arena
Schuerholz Baseball Complex
Smith Hall
Stephens Annex
Stephens Hall
Towson Center
Towson Run Apartments
Unitas® Stadium
University Union
Van Bokkelen Hall

Auburn Pavilion
The “Beach”
Brick Street
Burdick Field
Glen Complex Plaza
Newell Field
North- & South-Side of Stadium
Outside Prettyman Hall
Outside Towson Center
Ward Circle

Administration Information Desk on the 1st Floor in the Administration Building
Faculty/Staff Help Center in Cook Library, Room 29
Student Computing Services in Cook Library, Room 35
University Union Circulation Desk on the 2nd Floor in the Union

Wi-Fi Calling

This service is provided by cellular carriers. It uses any available Wi-Fi network to place and receive calls when cellular service is insufficient or unavailable.

For help with Wi-Fi calling, please contact your carrier, not the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center. See the full list of mobile device support services.  If you have a University-owned cell phone, please contact Verizon Wireless directly.


Wi-Fi calling uses the internet, which can make it difficult for first responders to locate you in the case of an emergency. Using Wi-Fi to dial 911 during an emergency is not recommended, unless no other solution is available.

Remote access

Virtual Workspace

The Virtual Workspace service provides University employees access to certain software applications, virtual desktops and network file shares from any off-campus computer or device. Students have the ability to remotely use applications like SPSS, Mathematica and Minitab. This web-based service is the preferred remote access solution for Towson University.

Visit OTS Training's Virtual Workspace & Remote Access Self Help page and Virtual Workspace FAQs for more information.

Remote Desktop Gateway

The Remote Desktop Gateway service enables TU faculty and staff to remotely connect to their Windows-based campus computer from off campus. Visit OTS Training's Virtual Workspace & Remote Access Self Help page for more information.

Network Connections

To keep faculty and staff connected, the Office of Technology Services assists users with network connections by establishing new connections and by troubleshooting existing network connections.

Request a Connection

Find out what is needed and how to place a request: Requesting a Connection (PDF).

Troubleshooting Network Connections

If your network connection appears to have problems, review Troubleshooting Network Connections (PDF) for steps to identify issues.

Need Help?

Students: Visit Student Computing Services in Cook Library, room 35, call 410-704-5151, or email .

Faculty and Staff: Visit the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center in Cook Library, room 29, call 410-704-5151, or submit a TechHelp service request.

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