Reading Placement Testing

Reading placement testing is administered by the Tutoring and Learning Center for transfer students and incoming freshmen with low SAT and ACT scores. 

What is reading placement testing?

The reading placement test measures students’ ability to read and comprehend written material, allowing them to be placed in the appropriate classes. 

The reading placement test is part of a suite of testing products commonly referred to as ACCUPLACER® tests. These tests were developed by the College Board to help colleges and universities accurately assess student skill levels. 

Who must take the reading placement test?

All admitted freshman with a SAT score less than 550 in evidence-based reading and writing, or an ACT reading score less than a 21 are REQUIRED to take the reading placement test. A reading placement test score below 252 (i.e 251 and below) in NEXT Generation (ACCUPLACER) will require a student to enroll in and complete REED 102. Unless exempt, all transfer students with fewer than 30 credits are required to take the reading placement test.

It is highly suggested that students complete testing before their first semester of course work. If you must take the REED 102 (academic literacy), you must enroll in and complete this course within the first semester of enrollment at TU.

What is REED 102?

REED 102 (academic literacy) is a college-level proficiency course (not a writing intensive course like English 102) designed to help students become more efficient and effective in reading intensive courses. All TU students must complete English 102 regardless of placement in or out of REED 102.  

How do I schedule my reading placement test?

After receiving your email notification to take the reading placement test, you can choose to complete testing on campus or remotely. Either way you must schedule your testing session as soon as possible. The sooner you comply the more likely it is you will get your selection of classes. See Scheduling a Testing Session for more details. 

What is remote testing?

Students may complete placement testing at their home or near their home at any college willing to administer the Towson University ACCUPLACER® reading placement test (NEXT GEN).  See Remote Testing for more details.  

Are there any exemptions?

Yes. See Exemptions from Testing

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