Academic Department Example

Here’s an example of how to present content on an academic department landing page.

Chemistry professor with students
We recommend an engaging top photo for your academic department landing webpage, similar to this example showing students and faculty working together.

The main text for an academic department landing page should briefly describe the department and the educational opportunities it offers prospective students. There are a number of ways to present this content. Here is a strong approach that some departments have used. Begin with a description of the kinds of academic programs available and how a student might benefit from a degree in one of these programs.

What We Offer 

Tell what the program offers students:

  • curriculum overview
  • specific learning opportunities (research, internships)
  • community and networking opportunities


Briefly describe the faculty within the department, their experience and how they will help facilitate student learning. 

Additional Callouts

Highlight and link to specific departmental webpages using the Flexible Link Block Callout design snippet: 

Areas of Study