Website Management

More than 2.5 million pages are viewed on TU’s website each month. Any one of those pages could be someone's first impression.

The university website’s design, content management system and Web Style Guide ensure that the TU website is consistent, accurate, welcoming to visitors and an effective communication tool for the university.

OU Campus

Towson University uses OU Campus as its content management system (CMS). OU Campus is designed for institutions of higher education. 

OU Campus users are assigned specific roles to maintain a controlled workflow and ensure message accuracy. These roles are: unit leaders, content owners and content contributors. Unit leaders communicate their content goals to their content owners. Content owners make certain that these goals are accurately communicated online and crafted with a high level of quality. Within the CMS they review and approve all content added by their content contributors. Content contributors are responsible for adding and editing content to their assigned webpages.

To get access to OU Campus you must first be approved for permissions and then attend OTS’s OU Campus training.

Web Publisher’s Resources

Digital Strategy has created a Web Style Guide and Web Editorial Style Guide to clarify issues of style, formatting and use of design components. We offer web content workshops each month to reinforce best practices for writing for the web. View the training calendar for our workshop schedule. 

OTS Training also provides training and support documentation for OU Campus.

Photography and Video for the Website

Find information about adding photography and video content to your website on Photography & Video found in the Web Style Guide


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