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Charlotte W. Newcombe Endowed Scholarship for Mature Women and Men

The goal of the Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship program is to support students 25 and older in the completion of a first bachelor’s degree so they can advance their careers. The Women's Resources Program in the Center for Student Diversity administers this scholarship.

In order to better support Newcombe scholars and increase their completion of program goals, the Women’s Resources Program created a comprehensive support program that prioritizes success in three core areas: Completion, Community, and Career.

To learn more about the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, visit the foundation's website

Pathways Scholarship Program

The Pathways Scholarship provides financial assistance for low-income parents who have completed a community college degree and are finishing a first undergraduate degree. It is a two-year program, provided that students continue to meet program requirements. Full-time students may receive $2,000 for two years, for a total award of $4,000. Part-time students may receive half this amount. The Women's Resources Program in the Center for Student Diversity administers this scholarship.

In order to apply for this scholarship students must:
• Be a parent of at least one child under the age of 18
• Demonstrate a high level of unmet financial need. Only students who are Pell grant eligible will be considered
• Have completed an AA degree or other terminal degree from a Community                            • Cumulative TU GPA of 2.5

Other Scholarships Available for Mature Students.

Women's Leadership Program/Women’s Resources Award

Are you a freshman or sophomore interested in developing your leadership skills? Are you interested in learning more about women’s issues and creating programming to educate and engage the college community about these topics? If YES, there may be a $1,000 scholarship available for you!

The Center for Student Diversity is offering this scholarship to Towson University undergraduate students that have an interest in developing leadership skills and giving back to the community. The Women’s Resources Award is designed to help students become leaders in their chosen professions by empowering them to engage with women's issues.

Womens Resources Award Scholarship Application (PDF)

The application process for 2017-2018 is now closed.