Mission & Vision

The Hill-Lopes Scholars Program provides dedicated, transformational support for STEM majors to improve the advancement and retention of women in the STEM workforce.

Mission Statement

The Hill-Lopes Scholars Program engages scholars in a supportive community where opportunity and experience combine to create a network of transformative change. Scholars develop their STEM identities, chart their future career courses, grow professional networks and progress toward their STEM futures. A firm foundation of layered mentoring—bolstered by intentional professional development experiences and career exploration events—allows scholars to identify a suite of skills necessary for their unique journey.

Vision Statement

Support, empower and prepare the next generation of STEM professionals

The Hill-Lopes Scholars Program:

  • Delivers dedicated, transformational support for STEM majors at Towson University to improve the advancement and retention of women in STEM fields.
  • Provides opportunities for scholars to develop their scientific and professional skills through one-to-one mentorship, research, workshops and experiential programs designed to prepare them for the STEM workforce.
  • Develops scholars' professional skills and professional portfolios through seminars, workshops and experiential programs.
  • Provides scholars a scholarship of $500 each semester, as well as financial support to attend professional scientific meetings and to participate in career-building conferences, workshops and field trips.