Next Level Leaders empowers mid-level managers to take their leadership to the next level over the course of five months.

Next Level Leaders is a results-oriented, eight-module leadership development experience. Participants are guided through an interactive learning journey designed to amplify key leadership skills, develop coaching strategies, and encourage participants to apply their learnings to make a meaningful impact on their organizational culture. 


Program Highlights

The Next Level Leaders program runs October–February and includes engaging group learning sessions, self-reflection exercises, and project-based learning application. Full group sessions take place 9 a.m.–3 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, and includes leader lessons, self-paced extended learning, and small group meetings.

Topics covered include:

  • Knowing and Embracing Your Leadership 
    With guideposts to explore common leadership styles while re-affirming your unique purpose and harnessing your skills as a leader, this practical exploration will motivate and empower you toward the positive influence that only you can achieve.
  • Navigating from Your Role with Impact
    Organizational systems thrive when a variety of leader voices are included and welcomed. The new frontier of leadership involves collective application, moving from self-awareness to understanding how your leadership style can and should adjust based on the scenario to cultivate maximum impact.
  • Emotional Intelligence in High Performance Culture
    Through an understanding of the four pillars of EQ, from self-awareness and self-management, to social awareness and relationship management, you’ll discover practical skills to display personal EQ while fostering an emotionally aware and positive workplace climate.
  • Embracing Professional Well-being to Cultivate Resilience
    When leaders adopt a well-being mindset and healthier lifestyle habits as non-negotiables, the results are powerful resilience and grit when deadlines, pressure and business demands are very real. The lead-by-example benefits of purposeful and realistic self-care techniques can inspire team members toward their own well-being priorities.
  • High-Stakes Conversations and Creating Actionable Momentum
    Communication is at the heart of any culture, and leaders bear the responsibility for keeping the lines open and the messaging clear. In most situations, a focus on consistency, transparency (where possible) and proactive communication helps teams feel included and informed so they stay motivated.
  • Navigating Change and Conflict through Mission-Centered Values
    Problem-solving often comes naturally to the first or loudest voices in the room but taking a leadership approach to finding solutions means taking the critical first step of critical thinking. Empowering critical thinking abilities—and prioritizing the time to practice this thoughtful step—will help take your problem-solving instincts to the next level as a leader.
  • Developing, Retaining and Engaging Talent
    While hierarchy sets the structure for how team members advance professionally, your biggest impact as a leader is to see the person behind the role, and to serve and honor their development, not just professionally, but for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed to elevate the skills of mid-level managers to leaders. Individuals interested in ascending within their organization and who demonstrate the drive and determination to get to the next level in their career. Organizations are welcome and encouraged to nominate employees who have been identified as high performing individuals and who have the capacity to inform retention, engagement and culture. Individuals should be in mid-level management.

Program participants should demonstrate:

  1. Determination to ascend: Leader is willing to take on new tasks and challenges to help improve their workplace.
  2. Lead oversight: Leader serves as a project lead and/or manages staff, demonstrating supervisory responsibilities.
  3. Role/task excellence: Leader has outstanding knowledge and expertise in job responsibilities and area of oversight.
  4. Innovation and resiliency: Leader has shown resiliency, consistency, and a learning mindset during times of change and transition. 

The program takes place over five months, October–February. Full group sessions take place 9 a.m.–3 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, and includes leader lessons, self-paced extended learning, and small group meetings.

Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions to gain the most of the experience. Any absences should be submitted to the facilitator five or more days in advance of the session. Participants must attend a minimum of five full group sessions and complete their individual project in order to receive program completion and certification. 

Through generous support of key stakeholders, we are pleased to offer the Towson University Next Level Leader Signature Program at no cost to qualified applicants. Each participant is expected to take full ownership and remain committed to this learning opportunity. The application process will be deliberate and only committed applicants should apply for this highly competitive opportunity.

Applications and supporting materials, including organization nomination form and virtual interview, are due in August. Review the full application and selection timeline on our request information page.

The Google doc application, organization nomination, and virtual interview will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Organization nomination and application
  • Meets submission specifications and is complete
  • Completion of all criteria by required deadline
  • Demonstrated desire to participate in the program
  • Potential to grow within current organization
  • Practical impact shared in letters of recommendation
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