Hill-Lopes Scholars Program

Meeting the need for more STEM professionals by supporting women students in male-dominated sectors

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As Maryland’s premier program for women in STEM, the Hill-Lopes Scholars Program delivers dedicated, transformational support for scholars during their undergraduate careers.

Through a unique combination of financial support, layered one-on-one mentoring, community-building, career exploration and confidence-boosting experiences, our program prepares scholars to confidently enter historically male-dominated sectors.

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A Foundation of Mentorship

With intentional, multilayered mentoring, Hill-Lopes scholars are supported throughout the program by a variety of STEM professionals.

Engage in several networking and mentoring events, with well-connected faculty from across the university.

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Charting Out a Future in STEM

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Community Building

Become part of a supportive community designed to foster success and help them achieve their fullest potential.


Career Exploration

Visit businesses and organizations to get a behind-the-scenes look at potential future careers. Develop and build lasting relationships with employers.

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Professional Development

Participate in career chats with established alums and other women in STEM from a diverse set of industries, followed by informal networking conversations.


The Scholar Experience

Each year brings new opportunities to craft your career.


In the first year, you'll learn how to identify and establish individual plans for success.


In the second year, you'll build and apply professional skills and develop a professional persona.


In the third year, you'll chart a career path, develop a career road map and secure post-graduate plans.

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Building an Inclusive STEM community

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Fisher College of Science & Mathematics, Office of the Dean


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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