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TU Launches New Giving Society 

The Tall-Wiedefeld Society, a new and growing collective that supports positive change through philanthropy and education, launched on March 8. It was no accident that the launch coincided with International Women’s Day. Named for two of TU’s exceptional past leaders—Lida Lee Tall and Mary Theresa Wiedefeld—the Tall-Wiedefeld Society combines knowledge and passion with a commitment to creating a permanent legacy that addresses the needs of women at TU.
“We want this society’s membership to grow beyond women philanthropists,” says Brian DeFilippis, vice president for university advancement. “We welcome all members and recognize our collective giving power and ability to make a difference for Towson University and our students.” The society will fund projects through a member-driven, competitive grant process to benefit innovative and creative thinking.

Co-chairs of this new giving society are Tricia Turley Brandenburg, deputy director of athletics/SWA, and Donnice E. Brown ’91, ’94, assistant director/chief of youth services in the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development in Baltimore. For more information on the society, or to join, visit

Meet the Society Namesakes 

Lida Lee Tall was the head of the Maryland State Normal School (MSNS) from 1920–38. After merging with the Baltimore Teacher’s Training School in 1924, MSNS was poised to become the largest educator of certified Maryland teachers, a distinction that TU still holds today. In 1934, the school was granted the ability to award four-year Bachelor of Science degrees in education and was renamed the Maryland State Teachers College at Towson (STC). 

Mary Theresa Wiedefeld, a 1904 graduate of the MSNS and faculty member in the Model School, was named president of STC in 1938. She led the school through World War II, rallied the campus to support community members who were serving and created a campaign to raise money by buying war bonds for school projects. She also started a junior college to attract more individuals to campus after the war, essentially creating TU’s liberal arts programs in the process.

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Support the Campaign

Through mid-March, the RISE campaign has raised more than $80 million toward its $100 million goal. Please consider joining our momentum.