A message regarding the naming of residence halls

June 5, 2020

President Schatzel on Friday announced TU will convene a committee to review the naming of Paca House and Carroll Hall.

Dear TU faculty, staff and students

Pursuant to Towson University’s Policy on Naming of Facilities and Academic Programs, I have received a formal request from Student Government Association (SGA) President Deguene Ndiong — on behalf of Towson University SGA — to convene a committee to review the naming of Paca House and Carroll Hall, two TU residence halls located in West Village.

It is important to note that the intent of TU’s naming policy (06-04.00) is “to ensure that Towson University facilities, buildings, and programs are named consistently with the University’s principles, ideals, and values.” Additionally, the policy provides that a committee, inclusive of representation from TU’s shared governance bodies (i.e., faculty, staff and students) and the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity, will be formed to determine how the recommended name meets six specific criteria outlined in the policy. 

The residence halls were named — Paca House in 2008 and Carroll Hall in 2015 — prior to my administration and prior to the establishment of our 2017 TU naming policy, which as stated previously, outlines specific criteria for the name’s evaluation and the participation of shared governance.

After considering these facts, I have determined to support this request by SGA and commence the review with a committee tasked to provide guidance and recommendations in alignment with the University System of Maryland policy and the 2017 TU naming policy. Members of that committee, including representatives of Academic Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association and the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity, will be finalized and shared with all of you next week.

As thousands in our country and across our globe call upon each other and their institutions to acknowledge and commit to stop racial injustice and inequity, Towson University is committed to relentlessly pursuing a diverse and inclusive university that supports all members of our campus community to thrive and realize their fullest potential.

I want to thank our Student Government Association and their leadership for bringing this request forward for my consideration. I also want to thank them and many other TU students who have offered great concerns over the residence hall names and encouraged me to consider approving this request as a public stance against racial discrimination and a public acknowledgment of the history of structural racism, racist violence, and oppression that has and continues to affect our nation.

I ask that everyone join me in supporting the committee as they begin their work deliberating this issue and preparing their recommendation. I can assure everyone that this process will be inclusive and transparent and that the recommendation of the committee will be made public when completed. 

Thank you for your continued support for our students and each other,

Kim Schatzel, Ph.D.