Our Brand

We are opportunity creators. At Towson University, we create opportunity where it doesn’t exist.

TU faculty

Towson University is evolving. We are bigger, braver, and bolder – and it’s time our voice and visual identity reflect TU’s extraordinary momentum.

TU students using video equipment

Our Brand

A university’s brand is more than its logo. It’s the voice we speak with, and the messages that define us. It’s the images we share with our community and the world. It’s what we communicate and how we communicate it. This comes from the university’s core values, and the shared experiences of our students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as TU’s connections and partnerships with the greater community beyond our campus.

Our Writing Style

The Big Idea

What does it mean to create opportunities? It’s more than just the opportunity to get an education – it’s about opportunities only TU can offer. It means finding new ways for students to learn and connect to others, gain relevant, real-world experience and become engaged citizens. It means going above and beyond to find more possibilities for more people.

TU students sitting at a table
the TU path adjacent to the College of Liberal Arts

Brand Platform

TU’s brand platform is the singular starting point to help convey who we are to the many audiences we serve. It’s the foundational piece that helps define our message and how we communicate in both words and visuals. The platform identifies what makes TU unique and who we are as defined by students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

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