About the Institute

The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute provides a continuum of leadership solutions grounded in research and developed by stakeholders to address voids in leadership development.

Leadership Solutions

The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute features a comprehensive portfolio of programs and solutions for individuals and organizations that focuses on transformational outcomes, improving workplace culture and engagement, attracting the best talent, and addressing the most challenging leadership and organizational issues of the day. 

This work is guided by three distinguishing principles:

  • We are agile and continuously evolve to meet shifting leadership needs of the region and nation. 
  • We support present and future leaders, reimagining the leadership skills needed for today and beyond. 
  • We engage collective intelligence across industry, expertise and diverse perspectives to address current and emerging complex problems, both regionally and nationally.
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Solutions for Individuals and Organizations

Start Your Leadership Journey

The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute provides a continuum of leadership solutions—for individuals and organizations—grounded in research and developed by stakeholders using design-thinking methodology.

Begin Your Journey

Impact and Benefits

As the largest university in greater Baltimore, TU is reinventing itself and doubling down on its commitment to community and business engagement with a focus on impact, equity and smart growth. The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute is a centerpiece of the institution’s continued trajectory and will serve as a key asset for the region, uniquely supporting leadership recruitment, development and retention that will bolster institutions and organizations.

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The Region

Our collective work uniquely supports leadership recruitment, development, and retention to help our state and region thrive.

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We provide resources, structure, third-party counsel, evaluation frameworks, tool kits and customized programs to create or enhance internal efforts.

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We offer skills-focused curriculum to drive experiential and practical application. Individuals exit our programs with a transformational call to action.

By Leaders, for Leaders

This externally facing institute is forging a new standard for leadership development for the state, region and nation. Hear from President Kim Schatzel and key regional stakeholders on the need for and vision of the Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute.

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