Coaching is integral to positively transforming leadership behavior and capacity for individuals and organizations.

Coaching is vital to support the growth and development of new and mid-level managers. And, as individuals ascend in their organizations and assume more responsibilities, the need for an individual coach becomes even greater.

Coaching provides leaders the opportunity to explore and strengthen their leadership skills to improve employee engagement, enhance equity and fairness, retain key talent and strengthen organizational culture, all in a private space.

If we think about coaching in terms of Olympic athletes, an Olympic athlete would never consider not having a coach at a pivotal moment in their career. They invest in a coaching relationship recognizing that coaching becomes about subtle nuances and not whole-scale changes. And yet, for some reason, we don’t translate that need for further investment in coaching into the professional world.

The coaching process is deeply personal and finding the right fit is critical for the relationship to yield intended positive results.

  • Leaders are matched with high impact coaches using a custom process to ensure each participant is matched with a coach that meets their individual goals, needs and style.
  • The coach supports the leader as a partner, using deep connective listening and experiential learning to identify opportunities for enhancement of self and social awareness to propel the leader forward, personally and professionally.

We are proud of our coaching community of high-caliber, certified and high-impact coaching professionals. Our coaches are aligned with the Institute's guiding principles and values and meet designated criteria of tenor, experience and certification.

Our coaches have the expertise to help leaders tap into and harness their capabilities and, in turn, catalyze engagement and innovation in the workplace. Our coaches offer accessible, innovating and pragmatic pathways and solutions for every level of leader, regardless of where they are on their leadership journey.

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