Cory Anderson

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Cory is a personal development coach specializing in helping people understand their identity, strengths and leadership style so they can act and authentically advocate for themselves and others. He is passionate about using individual coaching and team facilitation as a tool to increase understanding and personal development. When working with clients, Cory takes a non-judgmental approach, always focusing discussions on clients’ own identities and strengths. He has more than 15 years of professional experience with several nonprofit organizations and universities, facilitating leadership programming, career and multicultural education. Cory’s diverse background helps him assist people who need guidance with team and individual development, establishing boundaries, cultural awareness, challenging work environments and career exploration.

Cory is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and a Master of Arts in Higher Education Student Affairs. Most recently, he published a children's book, Around the World I Go, to ensure his daughter could see herself in the books she reads, as Cory understands representation matters. His top five CliftonStrengths themes are Relator, Strategic, Individualization, Self-Assurance and Connectedness. Cory’s primary coaching medium is virtual.

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