Big Give group photo

The (Even Bigger) Big Give

During TU’s first giving week, members of the Towson University community were asked to make a donation that amounted to what they may spend on a morning latte at a local coffee shop.

The response to The Big Give went beyond expectations. From April 22 to 26, more than 1,200 donors raised $100,000 for the university—doubling the fundraising goal and tripling the participation goal. It was part of a record-breaking $14 million TU raised in fiscal 2019.

More than 400 participants made their first gift to TU during the event, and more than 500 alumni gave back. The average gift was more than $80.

The participation speaks to the momentum in TU’s culture of philanthropic giving.

“Our entire campus community should be proud of this effort, as it involves so many people from so many different colleges, divisions and community groups,” President Kim Schatzel said. “Best of all, so much of what was raised during The Big Give goes back into the classrooms, laboratories and programs that directly impact our students.”

Keep an eye out for more from TU’s advancement office, which is brewing another cup of Big Give for 2020.

Champions for Opportunities

Towson University’s advancement office announced that due to the generosity and enthusiasm of our colleagues, the 2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign was the most successful in TU history. Donations from more than 1,000 employees this year have supported students in all six academic colleges, student affairs, the Albert S. Cook Library, athletics and more. The office cited the work of its co-champions, who encouraged faculty and staff to be “champions for opportunities.”

Dean Plowfield

Dean Lisa Plowfield, RN, Ph.D.

College of Health Professions

"I support Towson University because our students and programs are well worth every dollar invested.  Simply put, these students are our future, and our faculty is dedicated to ensuring not only the success of our students but also our future. I enjoy giving to Towson University because it makes a difference in the lives of others."

Dariaus Irani

Daraius Irani, Ph.D.

Vice President, Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research

"Aside from knowledge learned through a chosen major, Towson University student-athletes graduate with strong analytical and critical-thinking skills, and are articulate communicators. The TU athletics program makes important contributions to the academic success and workforce readiness of TU’s student-athletes. This is why I support Towson University Athletics through my staff donation."