Off-Campus Locations

Education at Towson University is not limited to course offerings on the main campus. 

Towson’s educational experience branches out to off-campus locations throughout Maryland. The Towson Learning Network (TLN) supports undergraduate and graduate programs and courses at the sites below.


Various School System Programs

Admission Requirements

The admission and degree requirements for programs offered off-campus are the same as those offered on-campus. If you are enrolling in a program and have not attended Towson University for one year, you must complete a new application.  TLN students must complete a FREE application offered only through the TLN office.

Required Immunization

Students who register for a course that will be held at College of Southern Maryland, Waldorf Center, Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, TU in Northeastern Maryland, University Center Northeastern Maryland, or Universities at Shady Grove will need to submit immunization paperwork. Immunization forms may be obtained online. Please contact the Health Center at 410-704-2466 for additional information.