Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion (MAIAI) is a new, one-of-a-kind, graduate program designed for classroom teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists, administrators and arts entrepreneurs.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion?

Towson University has been leading the State of Maryland with its focus on arts integration since 1999. Arts integration offers a critical synthesis and an integrated study of arts and non-arts content as the primary basis for constructing knowledge. MAIAI deepens and extends these efforts by ensuring that the skills and techniques of the arts disciplines, so necessary to 21st Century innovation, are recognized, understood, utilized with integrity, and valued for their contribution to the advancement of our ever-expanding global community. 

The MAIAI degree provides expertise in differentiated learning opportunities for those who do not respond as well to traditional learning methods, and accounts for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners. In addition, the practices of arts infusion energize instruction and learning, can provide increased professional satisfaction, and align with the focus and outcomes of both Common Core State Standards and the National Core Arts Standards. This program is a part-time program, with courses offered exclusively in the evenings on campus to accommodate the working professional.  Read more about what it means to be in an interdisciplinary arts program.


We are now accepting applications for Fall 2017. Our priority admissions deadline is April 21. Applications will still be accepted after that date, but space may be limited.

Degree Requirements

View admission and degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog.