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Towson University is committed to the Liberal Arts and Sciences as the pillar of its educational programs; the discipline of philosophy stands at the base of this pillar.  Since its founding in 1967, the Towson University Philosophy Program has been committed to curriculum diversity. In addition to a strong commitment to the history of Western philosophy, it has embraced philosophical traditions of other cultures, the ethical, social, and political dimensions of life, and the various disciplines and schools within philosophy. 

The program has been in the forefront of transforming the traditional philosophy curriculum by offering courses in both non-Western and feminist philosophy long before higher education embraced the importance of diversity. The skills we nurture in students: close reading, critical thinking, reflection, analysis, synthesis, argumentation, evaluation of arguments, and probative and unlimited questioning are not only prerequisite to serious study in philosophy and other disciplines, but also to leading a meaningful life. 

In support of the general education mission of the university, philosophy courses prepare students throughout the university to function as responsible and contributing members of society by introducing them to the diverse philosophical views that have shaped cultures, training them in critical methods of thought, and inviting them to apply those methods to social values, institutions and policies. Many of the program’s courses contribute to both departmental and interdisciplinary programs across the university.  We actively reach out to both the Towson community and the Baltimore metropolitan area by sponsoring colloquia, an international conference, and two funded lectures series.  The program funds two student prizes and works with the student-run Philosophy Forum to sponsor an undergraduate conference, the Journal of Philosophical Ideas, and many public presentations and lectures. 


The Towson University Philosophy Program will continue to provide quality major and minor programs in Philosophy.  The program will remain committed to a balanced and pluralistic approach to philosophy.  In addition to providing students with the opportunity to study various approaches to philosophy in the Western tradition, the program will provide students with the opportunity to study non-western philosophy.  This balanced approach to the teaching and learning of philosophy will serve our students well if they should choose to pursue the study of philosophy at a higher level. 

Whether they plan to make a career of philosophy or not, the program will provide all of our students with a thorough grounding in the history of ideas and views that have shaped their society and the world.  As we work to improve the diversity of our course offerings, and remain open to new areas and subfields in philosophy, the Towson University Philosophy Program will continue to reach out to other philosophy programs in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and strive for a widening of philosophical discussion.

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