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Responses to the most frequent brand questions are here.

Updated frequently to include new answers and advice, this is the starting place for the most common information requested.

What exactly is a brand? 
A university’s brand is more than its logo. It’s the voice we communicate with, and the messages that define us. It’s the images we share with our community and the world. This comes from the university’s core values, and the shared experiences of our students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as TU’s connections and partnerships with the greater community beyond our campus. 

How was TU’s brand identified and created? 
An extensive identity audit was completed to better define what makes Towson University distinct. This research-based, multi-phase, university-wide process helped guide creative expression, while shaping and reinforcing our story and personality – defining what makes us uniquely TU with our audiences. Feedback from more than 2,000 prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members on and off campus helped direct the design and development of the brand. 

What’s the purpose of the brand platform? 
TU’s brand platform is the singular starting point to help convey who we are to the many audiences we serve. It’s the foundational piece that helps define our message and how we communicate in both words and visuals. The platform identifies what makes TU unique and who we are as defined by students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the community.

How can I ensure my campus communications are on brand? 
Use the TU Brand Toolkit and website as a guide when you craft any messages. A great place to start is our Writing Style page and the Questions to Ask about communications and copy. TU communications should be conversational, concise and confident.

How are the key messages intended to be used? 
These key messages are the backbone of the university’s identity. They outline who we are, what we do, our values as an institution, and what our students, faculty and staff can expect from us. Find inspiration in any or all of these statements when communicating TU’s impact and role as an academic leader and highly regarded public institution.

I’m not in marketing and communications. Why do I need to understand TU’s brand?  
Branding goes beyond just ads and communications – it helps define TU as an academic institution and keeps our messaging consistent. All members of TU’s campus community should consider themselves brand ambassadors for TU. By understanding our brand and voice, you help support TU’s identity and uphold our values. 

What if I have a brand question? Who should I ask? 
You can Ask an Expert to get answers to any questions you don’t see here.

Do visuals and messages have to be used exactly as they are provided? 
Visual brand elements must be used exactly as provided to ensure integrity and consistency – do not alter the brandmark in any way. For more tips and details, check out our Brand Mark Dos and Don’ts.

Copy and messaging have more room for customization – in fact, in most cases you shouldn’t be using the brand messages verbatim. Our Key Messages, Pillars and Positioning should be used to inspire and inform, but your communications are your own and should reflect your own unique needs and goals. If at any time you’re unsure if your messages are on brand or not, talk to one of our brand experts.

I don’t see a brandmark signature for my department or unit. Can I have one created? 
Yes! Contact for a branded signature for your group. 

I’d like to purchase branded promotional materials. How do I do that? 
All orders for branded promotional material by Towson University departments and groups must be placed through AgoraCX. The AgoraCX system provides on-campus users easy access to all of the companies licensed to reproduce TU’s trademarks for internal use. Read more about licensing.

I have a need for a branded template that I don’t see available. What do I do? 
If you don’t see an existing branded template that fits your needs, you can contact to have one created.

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