Customized Solutions

Customized solutions always start with an understanding of your unique needs to develop a results-based solution.

The Institute's research-based programs can be customized and delivered to meet your organizational needs. We guide your organization through a discovery process to provide customized solutions to expand capacity and reimagine pathways to increase your leadership pipeline, engagement and retention.

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Our Approach to Customized Offerings

We start by spending time with you to deeply understand what makes your organization unique, your strategic goals and your leadership development needs. Our coaching community of practice, leadership experts, and faculty partner to support your efforts, depending on organizational needs.

Customizable Programs

Our programs are designed by industry experts to transform leaders with expanded and positive impact on the organization’ s health and performance in mind. These intensive, immersive programs enable both professional and personal growth and include one-on-one coaching and cohort-based learning opportunities.

We partner with you to identify diverse, top talent to invite into these programs and we customize the design and delivery of the curriculum based on your organization’s unique needs. We have a robust portfolio of offerings that can be customized and delivered to your organization, including:

Two-day Workshops

In great cultures, human potential is unleashed and people are inspired to go above and beyond, achieving extraordinary results. This workshop helps participants learn best practices for attracting and retaining a diverse and high-talented workforce. It is designed for anyone who leads a team, works in human resources, or has an influence on the culture.

This workshop is designed for women who are committed to increasing their capacity for leadership and influence given the unique challenges women face in the workplace. Participants will walk away learning how to persevere in male-dominated environments, communicate effectively with confidence, and manage challenging dynamics with executives.

Too often, individuals are promoted to supervisory or management roles based on technical experience without an investment in developing their management skills. This workshop supports the transition from an individual contributor to a manager and provides skills to enhance communication, provide feedback, delegate tasks and prioritize responsibilities on a larger scale.

This innovative workshop is for individuals that have been identified as high-potential and have the capacity and determination to ascend within their organizations. Participants will partake in self exploration, practice intentional influencing through various leadership styles, forge team collective leadership to drive goals forward, and harness hands-on strategies and applications to foster employee engagement. 

In an era of quickly eroding trust in institutions, the Integrity and Ethics in Leadership Workshop will help prepare leaders to garner the trust and respect of their colleagues by preparing them to more effectively grapple with ethical workplace dilemmas. We take a non-academic approach to helping leaders lead by example and enable open, direct and safe conversations that engender trust, respect, compassion, fairness and integrity in the workplace.

Individualized Coaching

The Leadership Circle Assessment is one of the most comprehensive and robust assessment tools on the market. It provides deep, meaningful and actionable insights for an individual leader to take. In addition to providing the assessment, we offer an individualized 90-minute debrief with a certified practitioner to fully comprehend the breadth of the feedback.

The Leadership Circle Assessment can be coupled with any of our programs and the most value is typically extracted if it precedes a program and is followed up with individualized, ongoing coaching.

As individuals ascend in their organizations and assume more responsibilities, the need for an individual coach becomes even greater. If we think about it in terms of Olympic athletes, an Olympic athlete would never consider not having a coach at a pivotal moment in their career. They invest in a coaching relationship recognizing that coaching becomes about subtle nuances and not whole-scale changes. And yet, for some reason, we don’t translate that need for further investment in coaching into the professional world.

Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey and regardless of where you aspire to be, we have a certified and fully vetted coach from our Coaching Community of Practice that can support you in achieving your goals.

  • We match leaders up with a member of our coaching collective for personalized coaching and development.
  • We also conduct a through assessment of individuals who are seeking a coach to fully understand their unique needs and goals.
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