Fall 2018 Programs

Programs Begin: Week of September 17  21 
Programs End: Week of November 26 – 30 

To participate in Hussman Center programs, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Committed to completing the program(s) in which you enroll
  • Be able to participate in program activities without a 1-on-1 behavior support aide
  • Have reliable transportation to and from your program(s)

All participants, students and staff are expected to follow the Hussman Center Behavior Standards (PDF) 


  • All Hussman Center programs are group programs. Towson University students participate in programs along with Hussman Center participants. Program Instructors, Towson University faculty, and Hussman Center staff help both Hussman Center participants and Towson University students learn from each other. So that learning for all can take place, Hussman Center participants need to be able to interact (verbally and/or non-verbally) with Towson University students.
  • Across all of our programs and activities, Hussman Center participants and Towson University students build skills in the following areas: self-expression, self-advocacy, self-regulation, team work & collaboration, and problem solving & decision making.
  • Because Hussman Center programs are group-based programs and are attended by university students who are learning too, we do not offer formal behavior support. We do not implement formal behavior programs. Participants must be able to join activities without a 1-to-1 aide or staff member. We do this so participants and Towson students can interact with one another and learn from one another. 

It’s about giving people an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do … it’s to find ways that they can show people that they are capable. We really want to find places that these adults can contribute that’s why it’s not how significantly impacted are you or can you talk or not talk, it’s what can you contribute and we want to find that place because that’s where adults find their dignity.   ”

Zosia Zaks, speaking to WYPR's  Ron Sivak on Maryland Morning