Group Based Programs

The Hussman Center’s group-based programs bring together Towson University students and young adults on the autism spectrum to create a mutually rewarding learning environment.  The programs are designed to support adults with autism in enhancing skills associated with their goals related to leading meaningful and engaged lives.

These one-two hour programs meet once or twice a week for 3 – 10 weeks (depending on the program session) and focus on various areas of participants’ interests.  Most of the Fall and Spring programs are 10 weeks in length.  January programs are 3 weeks in length.  Summer programs are 5 weeks in length. Our programs focus on enhancing communication skills, fitness and dance/creative movement, developing skills such as cooking and adult life skills, learning about health and well-being, exploring various arts areas, and engaging in work exploration. We also offer Women’s Group programs and Men’s Group programs to support participants in enhancing social engagement and addressing their goals.  

All of our programs are led by experts in their fields, and include interaction with Towson University students.   Participants pay a fee to enroll in each program.  Financial assistance awards are available for participants who verify financial need. Recipients of financial assistance agree to provide feedback about the program.    Financial assistance awards cover up to 75% of the program cost and may be awarded for up to two programs per session.    

Many participants report an increase in social interaction and community involvement as well as in specific skill development as a result of participating in our programs.

The Hussman Center welcomes individuals who have not previously enrolled in a program at the Hussman Center! We wish to support you in understanding our array of programs and in choosing your first program(s). The process for all individuals interested in considering enrollment in a Hussman Center program is as follows:

1) Attend a Hussman Center Information Meeting. Contact for dates and times or visit to register online to attend.

2) Meet with our Manager of Programs and Education, Zosia Zaks to discuss interests and goals and be advised about program options.

3) Pre-register for one or more programs.

4) Upon staff approval of registration, pay fee associated with program.

Our current participants are encouraged to consult with Mr. Zaks for advice on selecting programs that best match their goals and interests. Please contact him at  to schedule an in-person or telephone advising meeting. 


It’s about giving people an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do … it’s to find ways that they can show people that they are capable. We really want to find places that these adults can contribute that’s why it’s not how significantly impacted are you or can you talk or not talk, it’s what can you contribute and we want to find that place because that’s where adults find their dignity.   ”

Zosia Zaks, speaking to WYPR's  Ron Sivak on Maryland Morning