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Lauren Cahalan '18

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Lauren Cahalan ’18

A class on international relations and civic engagement piqued Lauren Cahalan’s interest about the way the world works, and a project on the International Monetary Fund prompted her to pursue concurrent degrees in economics and political science. Ultimately, it was the research experiences and the faculty mentors who helped Cahalan that moved her to support the TU-Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) Model UN Program.     

How did faculty mentors shape your experience at TU? 

Mentors played a huge part in my success at TU. My work with Dr. Seth Gitter in economics and the pep talks from Dr. Alison McCartney in political science and the Honors College made a significant difference in my life. They helped me think about my future.

Why was it important to give back to TU just two years after graduating?

My mentors moved me to give back. I decided to give to Dr. McCartney’s TU-BCPS Model UN Program so it would be completely free for 200-plus students. The program offers students a way to learn about the world around them with TU students as teachers and coaches. 

What would you tell fellow young alumni about giving back?

The first thing many recent TU graduates talk about is the professors who helped them. Giving back to the community that helped us in tangible ways is important, and it is a privilege. Being civically engaged in the community makes you think about how to help those who come after you.