Political Science Major

Political science offers the best of a liberal arts education. Choose it as your major, and you will learn about political issues in the United States and abroad from a multidisciplinary perspective — all of which is influenced by history, geography, economics, sociology, psychology and philosophy.

Political science courses promote an understanding of the nature of political relationships. Depending on your focus, you can obtain one of two degrees. The Bachelor of Science in political science is granted upon completion of the university requirements for the bachelor's degree and the requirements for the major. The Bachelor of Arts is granted when all the requirements for the bachelor's degree are met and you demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in a foreign language. View all degree requirements and course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Transfer Credit

Students who transfer to Towson University in senior standing are expected to complete a minimum of 15 units of upper-division political science courses. Those who transfer below senior standing normally will be expected to complete 21 units of upper-division political science courses at Towson University.

Political Science Honors Society

Political Science students may have the opportunity of joining Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors Society.

Why Towson University?

Program Advantages

  • Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.
  • The beautiful 322-acre campus is in close proximity to the seat of Maryland government and U.S. government, where you can see political systems in action.
  • Get direct experience in the field through internships and service learning opportunities at some of the nation’s leading federal agencies and in local, state and federal government.
  • Our prelaw advising program provides information about preparing for and applying to law school, financial aid and careers.