Register for Text Alerts

We encourage students, faculty and staff to register for Towson University’s emergency notification system. Registering is the safest way to ensure you receive critical messages on safety, school closings and weather alerts. 

When there is information critical to campus safety or well-being, the TUPD uses the emergency notification system to message all registered text-message capable phones and email addresses. The system will also post the message on the university’s website and as a pop-up box for individuals using Google, Yahoo or AOL as their home page.

Registering for an Account

To register for an account, make sure your cell phone is with you and is turned on. Then go to the emergency notification system registration pagelogin to your TU account and complete the registration form. Please note that depending on your wireless service agreement, a nominal charge may be incurred for receiving text messages. 

Once your phone is registered and validated, a message will appear letting you know that you have successfully signed up for the notifications. You will see a log in button for your new account. To complete your registration, you must open your account and enter your email address, then click the ADD EMAIL button. You will receive an instant verification by email. You must open this email and click on the validation link. Then you’re done! You may register two email addresses and two devices on your personal account.

Registration Options

During the registration process you’ll select the types of notifications you wish to receive. You can choose to receive school closing messages, severe weather messages and/or urgent crime alerts. There are options to receive crime alerts for on-campus crimes only or any crimes that occur in close proximity to campus. You can also choose to receive crime alerts 24 hours a day, or from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. only.

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How long will I receive Campus Emergency Notifications?

Your account will be active for a two-year period. Thirty days prior to your registration expiration, you will receive either a text or an email alert advising you to renew your registration, depending on what services you selected.

How parents and families receive Campus Emergency Notifications

Parents and families can opt to receive campus emergency notifications if their email address is added with their student’s request in the Campus Emergency Notification System. Follow the directions below for sending alerts to a second phone.

Updating Your Account

To update your account, login to the Campus Emergency Notification system.

Send Alerts to a Second Phone

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Select “Services.”
  3. Under SMS Numbers, add the phone number and carrier of the phone you’d like to add and select “Add New.”
  4. The added phone will receive a validation code. Enter the code into the system. Once complete, you'll receive a “Validation Successful” message and will have the option to add a secondary e-mail address.

Unsubscribe From Text Alerts

  1. Login to you account.
  2. Select “Services.”
  3. Under SMS Numbers, locate the number you would like to delete or de-activate and select the appropriate link. Deleting the number will remove it from the system entirely. Making the number inactive means it will no longer receive messages but will remain stored in the system in case you want re-activate it at a later date.

If you cannot login to your account, you can opt-out of text alert by replying “STOP” to an alert.

Additional Resources

Learn about when and how we send emergency communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are given an opportunity to choose the kinds of messages you wish to receive on your mobile phone through a checkbox listing of groups. You can adjust your preferences from your Group settings.

No. Our campus notification system enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages. The system does not sell the contact information of its subscribers to third party marketers.

The campus notification system is a cross-carrier service. It works with all of the major carriers.

No. The system uses industry-standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

There could be a few reasons for this. The cell phone number you entered may not have been validated or the carrier information may be incorrect. Login to the system and select the Services tab. Delete your account and then add it back in, making sure you have the correct carrier and that you enter the validation code sent to your phone. If you still do not receive messages, your carrier may not properly receive texts from this service. Contact your carrier for more information.