Emergency Text Alerts

As part of TU’s commitment to public safety, the university issues text alerts in the event of an emergency on or near campus.

Students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled to receive all emergency text alerts. Parents, community members and other non-affiliated individuals are encouraged to register to also receive emergency text alerts.

Text alerts are part of TU’s comprehensive emergency notification system and include critical updates for active safety threats, severe weather events, traffic advisories and more. 

Automatic Enrollment

All TU students, faculty and staff are required to maintain a current mobile number on file to be auto enrolled in emergency text alerts. Follow the instructions below to add or update a mobile number. 

Adding/updating a mobile number for students:

  • Log-in to the Student Dashboard
  • Select My Profile, then Contact Info to confirm your mobile number is correct or to add a mobile number if one isn’t listed
  • NOTE: If your mobile number is already listed as “permanent,” “work” or another phone number type, you must click “Add Phone Number,” select “Mobile” from the dropdown, and add your mobile number again.

Adding/updating a mobile number for faculty and staff: 

  • Go to myTU and login to view your Personal Information Summary
  • Confirm your mobile number is correct or add a mobile number if one isn’t already listed
  • NOTE: A mobile number must be listed for emergency text alerts. If your account shows your mobile as a permanent number, you must add it as a new number and label it “mobile.”

Registering for Text Alerts

Anyone not affiliated with TU may sign up to receive campus emergency text alerts. Parents, community members and others can register by completing the Emergency Text Alert Sign Up form. 

After registering, you will be subscribed to the alert system for four years or until you reply STOP to an alert—whichever comes first. If you reach the four-year expiration you will receive a text message with a link to renew your subscription. If you choose not to renew at that time but would later like to receive the messages, you will need to re-register using the form above.

Troubleshooting Text Alerts

Students, faculty and staff should confirm their information on file with TU to ensure they receive emergency text alerts. Check the following:

  • Ensure you have your correct mobile number on file in the Student Dashboard (for students) or the myTU Personal Information Summary (for faculty and staff).
  • If needed, follow the steps above to add or update your mobile number. Note that your cell phone number must be listed in the mobile field. If you have a mobile number that is labeled as permanent or unlabeled you must add it as a new number and select “mobile.” 

If you’ve followed the above steps and are still not receiving text alerts, email for assistance.  

Other Emergency Notifications

In addition to emergency text alerts, the Office of Public Safety shares safety alerts via email, the university’s website and, when appropriate, the campus emergency siren system. TU remains committed to ensuring every member of the campus community is informed and provided critical and urgent updates in the event of an emergency. For questions about emergency notifications or TU’s comprehensive alert system please contact


Auto-enrolled and registered users receive all emergency text alerts. Non-affiliated users can unsubscribe from emergency alerts by responding STOP to an alert. 

No. Recipients will only receive emergency messages. Mobile phone numbers are securely stored and not shared, distributed or used for any other purposes. 

To ensure our campus community is informed in the event of an emergency, students, faculty and staff are not able to unsubscribe from emergency text alerts. Non-affiliated users may unsubscribe at any time by responding STOP via text.

No. Emergency text alerts are sent to all types of mobile devices (e.g. Apple, Android, Google) and do not require any software or application. 

No. The university does not charge for text message alerts. Standard text messaging rates could apply depending on your mobile device plan. Check with your carrier for details. 

Questions about emergency text alerts should be directed to TUPD at .