Pierce Jaffri

Double Major: Political Science and Mass Communication

Pierce Jaffri


Nobody will be surprised when Pierce Jaffri is elected to public office. Already, the civic-minded junior is representing student interests as director of legislative affairs for Towson University’s Student Government Association (SGA). That means Jaffri goes to Annapolis to give testimony and lobby for or against bills when the Maryland General Assembly is in session.

“It’s really great,” says the Texas native, “to be a student in SGA and get those experiences.”

And that’s not the only reason Jaffri zips down to the state capitol on a regular basis. He also serves as a legislative intern, a job that gives him access to the state government’s inner workings and enables him to sit in on session and committee meetings.

Jaffri, who plans to attend law school, is double majoring in political science and mass communication. He says the two disciplines are excellent preparation for a career in politics, because “politics and media go hand-in-hand.”

“ When you come out you have a huge network of people who will support you. ”

Pierce Jaffri

Towson, adds Jaffri, is an ideal place to get schooled in both — because of the university’s combination of big-school resources and individualized education.

“We have Division I sports and everything you could ask for in a university, he says. “But at the same time, it’s such a small-school feel — a community. . . . When you come out you have a huge network of people who will support you.”

So, will it be County Executive Jaffri? Senator Jaffri? Governor Jaffri?

We can’t wait to find out.