Why Study Political Science?

  • Your coursework in political science will help you develop skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, research and analysis, and technology, along with deep knowledge of political systems and processes. Equally important, you will become an engaged and informed citizen.
  • A degree in political science gives you the knowledge base to become actively involved in your community, work in community organizations, support political movements or seek political office.
  • A political science background prepares you for a variety of career options, including, in the private sector, business and law; nonprofit organizations; international or non-governmental organizations (NGOs); local, regional, state and federal government; consulting firms; journalism and communications; and campaign finance, polling and management.
  • The diversity of the field, the complexities of political processes and policies, and the relevance to our daily lives make this discipline both practical and exciting.

The Towson University Journal of International Affairs is a student-run publication that features undergraduate research along with articles by scholars and practitioners in the field.

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