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Think critically. Communicate clearly. Work creatively. With a liberal arts education, you can apply your interdisciplinary skills to solve a range of real-world challenges. 

Today, there is a growing need for individuals whose broader knowledge and depth of critical insight can provide creative solutions for the world’s most complex problems. Whatever your interests, a liberal arts education will give you these essential skills to realize your ambitions in the classroom, in a career, and in life.

The Support to Be Your Best

In many ways, the liberal arts is the main foundation of any advanced education. Even as some liberal arts majors focus on job-specific skills, all will prepare you to achieve success in any career you choose. Within any of the 40 diverse majors in Towson’s College of Liberal Arts, you’ll learn how to sharpen your critical thinking, communicate powerfully and persuasively, acquire new learning through research, and collaborate with others on shared projects.

Of course, you’ll have the best help. CLA’s faculty includes many recognized scholars and researchers in their fields. They also are excellent teachers, dedicated to recognizing your individual talents and challenging you to be your best. In short, they are as serious about your future as you are.

“ A liberal arts education in the 21st century prepares students to find success in an ever-changing workplace, attain personal fulfillment, and contribute as engaged citizens to the communities they call home. ”

Chris J. Chulos, Dean

Opportunities with an Added Edge

As a CLA student, you are encouraged to think independently from the start. You’ll be actively involved in shaping your own learning experience, both in the classroom and through a choice of internships, study abroad/away programs, service learning, independent or interdisciplinary studies, and student organizations. Some CLA students collaborate with professors on research projects, resulting in important findings that have been presented at national conferences and published in scholarly journals.

You also can take advantage of an array of special events hosted by the college to enrich your educational experience, including nationally recognized speakers, film festivals, literary readings, foreign language-based festivals, and community-based programs connected to your studies.


Liberal arts course enrollments each semester


40 majors makes CLA the largest academic division at TU


50% of CLA courses are part of TU’s core curriculum

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[A liberal arts education] opens doors, enabling the mind to go wherever it wants in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. —Willard Dix, for “Forbes”

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