Anthropology Minor

This minor broadens your ability to communicate, understand and work across boundaries with a multicultural perspective of human condition worldwide.

The department offers a minor in anthropology, which requires the completion of a minimum of 24 units of study, or eight courses. Learn the basic tenets of anthropology and evolution, study basic components of social and cultural norms, and look at human behavior with a biological, social and cultural lens. You are encouraged to participate in hands-on research, field study and internship experiences, including opportunities to participate in archaeological research at several local excavation sites.

To meet the requirements for either minor, 15 units or five courses total must be taken at Towson University. Twelve units must be upper level (300 or higher) courses, and a grade of “C” or better must be earned in all minor courses.  View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Internship Opportunities

Interested in an internship in anthropology? Contact the internship coordinator in each program.

Why Choose a Minor?

Broaden Your Educational Experience

A minor course of study allows you to complement your major with a broader body of knowledge. You can pursue your personal passion and academic interests while still fulfilling the requirements of your major discipline. Enhance your resume and transcript and make yourself a more marketable job candidate by building your knowledge base and broadening your educational experience.