Chinese Minor

Watch this video to know more about the Chinese Program at Towson University.

Along with English, Chinese has the distinction of being one of the world’s most spoken languages. As the second-largest economic power in the world with five thousand years of history and culture, China bears a global significance economically, socially, culturally, and politically. Knowledge of Chinese language and culture can be a valuable skill in the job market.  Chinese minors take courses in a wide range of topics in Chinese language, culture, and civilization, including Chinese writing systems, Chinese calligraphy, performing arts, classic poetry, cinema, pop and media studies, business rituals and terminology, and food culture. Students minoring in Chinese develop a deep understanding of historical, cultural, and social movements that have shaped the Chinese cultural heritage, acquire linguistic skills in modern Chinese at the intermediate proficiency level, and gain the intercultural competency necessary for careers in communication, education, international development, tourism, and international business. Chinese minors also have opportunities to study abroad for an experience that can advance their linguistic proficiency and broaden their cross-cultural perspectives.  View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Native and heritage speakers of Chinese may earn up to 6 units for CHNS 301 and/or CHNS 302 by taking the department's Challenge Exam.