Spanish Minor

Watch this video to know more about the Spanish Program at Towson University.

Spanish is one of the most-widely spoken and influential languages in the world, including the United States. Spanish minors, who come from a variety of backgrounds, acquire the intercultural and communicative competencies that complement a variety of professional paths. In classes specific to Heritage Speakers of Spanish, students will apply and further develop use of oral and written language in collegiate contexts.  Students will attain a broad understanding of major cultural movements that have shaped Hispanic countries and how the world’s cultural heritage has been influenced by the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish courses examine the social, cultural, religious, economic, political, and technological global forces that shape the Spanish-speaking world. Minors will also have opportunities to study abroad for an experience that can advance their linguistic as well as cross-cultural proficiency. View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Native and heritage speakers of Spanish may earn up to 6 units for SPAN 301 and/or SPAN 302 by taking the department's Challenge Exam.