Deaf Studies Minor

Watch this video to know more about the Deaf Studies Program at Towson University.

Students have the option to select a minor in Deaf Studies (DFST). This program focuses on developing American Sign Language (ASL) skills and offers the opportunity to take electives in Deaf Culture, history and other areas. View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Suggested Course Sequence

Year 1 - Fall

DFST 101 (core 13): Introduction to Deaf Studies
DFST 104 (core 5; not counted in minor): American Sign Language I

Year 1 - Spring

DFST 105: American Sign Language II

Year 2 - Fall

DFST 204: American Sign Language III

Year 2 - Spring

DFST 205: American Sign Language IV

Year 3 - Fall

DFST 304: American Sign Language V

Year 3 - Spring

DFST 306, 308, or 311: Classifiers (306, summers only), Fingerspelling and Number Usage (308), or Fundamentals of Hearing (311)

Year 4 - Fall

DFST elective

Year 4 - Spring

DFST elective