Japanese Minor

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Japan is both an ancient land brimming with tradition and a modern nation bustling with global business and trending pop culture.  Students minoring in Japanese acquire a solid knowledge ​and understanding of the Japanese language and culture, which broaden their ​global perspective​s and strengthen their cultural competency. Japanese minors develop the intercultural communication skills required for jobs in international business​, communication, education, and tourism. Upon completion of the Minor, students are expected to be able to communicate in Japanese ​at varying levels of formality and using different registers, orally and in writing, at the intermediate proficiency level. Minors have the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, and thus further their understanding of the major cultural movements and processes that have shaped the Japanese cultural heritage and engage in a critical assessment of the global changes that continue to affect and transform the relations between Japan and the rest of the world. View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Native and heritage speakers of Japanese may earn up to 6 units for JPNS 301 and/or JPNS 302 by taking the department's Challenge Exam.