Linguistics Minor

Languages are fascinating. All of us know at least one and we often use them to communicate information, to portray our identity, or to categorize the world around us.

Student learning to write Chinese characters

By studying language and how particular languages work, we reflect upon one of the most fundamental aspects of being human, the ability to communicate through language. The field of linguistics provides an opportunity to learn not only about our own language but also about ourselves as human beings; not only about the language of others but about how others see the world and interpret life.

The linguistics minor is designed to analyze language from a wide range of perspectives such as cognitively, socio-politically, or communicatively, among others. Also, it provides hands-on opportunities to experience language by requiring minors to study two languages from different linguistic families.

Requirements for the Minor

Students are required to complete 21 units for the minor, including 6 units of required courses, 6 units in two language families, and 9 elective units from three disciplines. See the requirements for the minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Career and Internship Opportunities

A minor in linguistics can be a powerful addition to those interested in pursuing a career in teaching, publishing, national security, international affairs, medicine, forensics, law, and the film industry.  Learn more about internships, financial support, and careers.

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Linguistics Minor

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