History Minor

A minor in history will complement your major course of study with a global perspective of world events, both past and present.

To earn a minor in history, you must complete 21 units in history with a 2.0 grade point average or better. Through a history minor, you can learn about cause and effect as you examine the human record and discover both continuity and change in historical events over time. You may choose electives in pre-modern history and geographic categories.

Consult with an adviser to ensure your academic program prepares you for your career aspirations. View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Current History minors can use the checklist here to track your progress.

Why Study History?

The study of history teaches you how a single individual and entire groups of people can change the world. Your history coursework offers an extensive foundation for contemplating and analyzing how societies function.

Why Choose a Minor?

Broaden Your Educational Experience

A minor course of study allows you to complement your major with a broader body of knowledge. You can pursue your personal passion and academic interests while still fulfilling the requirements of your major discipline. Enhance your resume and transcript and make yourself a more marketable job candidate by building your knowledge base and broadening your educational experience.