Department of History

Broaden your understanding of human behavior and how past events guide human experience. Discover what the past reveals about life today through one of the college’s most versatile majors.

As a history major, you will develop skills that transfer to a diverse range of careers. Learn to become an effective communicator, a critical and creative thinker, and a researcher who can analyze issues, events and data with a high level of competence. Throughout your course work, you learn to channel your curiosity and become an historical thinker. Faculty are well-versed in a variety of historical periods and help you explore the significant historical events of all time.

Learning Options

You can take an individual directed reading or individual study with your professor, choose from study abroad programs around the world, or enroll in an internship to use your historical knowledge in a work place setting. Towson University students have completed internships at a variety of institutions, including the Maryland Historical Society, the Baltimore County Trust and the Maryland State Archives.

Study Abroad

Professors in the history department frequently lead trips abroad. Earn credits for history courses taken while studying abroad.

Digital History

The History Department can provide students with new, exciting ways to study the past via digital history, helping build skills that will benefit them whatever career they choose to pursue.

Contact Information

Department of History

Liberal Arts Building, Room 4210F

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Mon - Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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