Students who enroll in an internship get an opportunity to use their historical knowledge and skills in practical workplace settings.


Students gain important work experience while still working toward their degree at Towson. Interested students should make an appointment with the history department internship adviser, .

Students must complete 27 units in history in order to be eligible for an internship, and all internship applications must be approved by the history department chairperson. Once their application has been approved, students register for HIST 493: Internship. Students can earn no more than 6 course units with any one agency. Internships are graded S/U, and cannot be taken for graduate credit.

Towson students have completed internships at a variety of institutions including:

Maryland Historical Society
Baltimore City Archives
Baltimore County Trust
Baltimore Industrial Museum
Maryland State Archives
Frederick Civil War Museum
Indian Steps Museum--Pennsylvania
Jewish Historical Society
Towson University Archives
Towson Historical Journal
Several private companies looking for help developing exhibits and archives

This list is only representative of what Towson students have done in the past; each student may find and pursue an internship with any organization as long as their duties are historical in nature. If you have specific interests please contact Dr. Koot to discuss them.