Why Study History?

While many of our history majors find jobs in fields which are traditionally associated with history, as a history major at Towson you will develop skills which will help prepare you for just about any career you can imagine. 

You don't need to take our word on the value of a history major, though . . .

  • “History provides graduates with a wide range of transferable skills. Principally, students develop the ability to understand and analyze issues and events to a high level of competence.” (Source: The Guardian.) 
  • What these students bring to the table are communication skills and the ability to analyze. What company or organization wouldn't want that?” (Source: CNN Money.) 
  • An increasing proportion of the world's jobs, the ones that can't be outsourced overseas, are the ones that require interaction with people…And as highly valued as coders and data crunchers are right now, some argue that the trend may be towards fewer of those jobs in the future, not more.“ (Source: Business Insider.)

The study of history teaches you how a single individual and entire groups of people can change the world. Your history coursework offers an extensive foundation for contemplating and analyzing how societies function.

Five Reasons to Study History

  • hone your ability to analyze world affairs by learning to understand the past behavior of people and societies
  • recognize how change occurs and how our communities, the nation and the world have evolved
  • prepare to become a good citizen, participate in the political system and advocate for democracy
  • interpret the past so that you can better understand yourself and what the future holds
  • learn to consider multiple points of view, and increase your cultural literacy