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Through their support, Friends of the Liberal Arts provide students with an enhanced academic experience and vibrant learning opportunities

College of Liberal Arts

As the largest of Towson University’s six colleges, the College of Liberal Arts touches all students enrolled at the university, regardless of the degree they’re seeking. The College instructs students in much of the university’s core curriculum while offering programs in all the humanities and the social sciences. So your support of the College helps each of TU’s more than 22,000 students!

Your gifts can be designated to any fund which supports the College. That includes making a gift to the College itself, which allows the Dean to direct funds to our areas of greatest need. But you can also support some of the specific projects that make CLA a leader on the Towson University campus:

The CLA Writing Center, which provides 11,000 half-hour tutorial sessions each year to students across the university;
The Treatment of Patients with Dissociative Disorders study, which has garnered international attention for Professor Bethany Brand;
The Baltimore Hebrew Institute, which hosts an array of Judaic studies programs inspired by the Jewish value of Torah I’shma (study for its own sake);
The TUgis Conference, an annual conference in geographic information systems hosted by TU for more than a quarter-century.

With your support, we provide for each of these projects as well as bringing visiting scholars to the college, supporting study abroad/away opportunities for our students, assisting with student research, and supporting each of our departments.

The choice is yours, and your support is crucial. Be the difference for our students, faculty and staff with your gift to the College of Liberal Arts