Emergency Closing Information

Important Updates

If inclement weather requires the closing of TU’s physical campus, remote classes and telework will continue, in accordance with USM guidance (PDF), unless otherwise instructed by the university. Individuals in positions where telework is not fully available should contact their supervisor for more direction. Essential staff will still be expected to report to work.

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In the event that weather or other emergency conditions warrant the early closing, all-day closing or delayed opening of Towson University, an announcement will be made through the following communication channels: 

Such schedule adjustments will also be available on the Towson University Information Line: 410-704-2000. Please DO NOT call the Office of Public Safety with university closing-related questions. The university will not post an announcement that the university is open. No announcement means “business as usual.”

Main Campus Closure

When the main campus is closed, all events (including those sponsored by off-campus organizations) are canceled. The Division of University Marketing & Communications will not make announcements about individual department or program activities.

Towson University announcements of delayed opening or closure apply to the main campus, as well as Towson City Center, 7400 York Road and Terracedale. 

Cook Library 

Cook Library closes when the campus is closed. When there is a late opening or early closing for the entire campus, Cook Library opens late or closes early using the same schedule as TU. 

The library’s 24/7 study room, however, is available to current Towson faculty, staff, and students regardless of the campuses’ closure. To access this space, affiliates need to swipe their OneCards at the reader next to the right-most outer lobby door of the library. Information about the library's schedule posted on the library's website, Twitter account and Facebook page.

Campus Recreation in Burdick Hall 

When the campus has a delayed opening, Campus Recreation will open one hour after school opens.


During inclement weather Dining Services focuses on opening the dining halls first, then retail locations. Projected opening times are below. These are subject to change based on the severity of the storm.

If TU is closed:

  • ALL DINING HALLS – 11 a.m. to regular closing time
  • Paws – 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • The Den – 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Einstein Bagels – 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • C-Stores – noon to 8 p.m.
  • All other locations closed
  • GrubHub off-line

For a 10 a.m. opening:

  • ALL DINING HALLS – soft opening at 9 a.m. with limited services; full service ASAP
  • Paws – soft opening at 9 a.m.; full service ASAP
  • The Den – soft opening at 9 a.m.; full service ASAP
  • Retail locations (Susquehanna, Einstein's, Piadina Trattoria, Panda Express, C-Stores) – 10 a.m. or normal opening time
  • Satellite and stand-alone retail locations (Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, Arts Cafe, LA Cafe, 7720 Cafe) – 10 a.m. or normal opening time
  • GrubHub online at 10 a.m. or regular opening time

For a noon opening:

  • ALL DINING HALLS – soft opening at 9 a.m. with limited services; full service ASAP
  • Paws – soft opening at 9 a.m.; full service ASAP
  • The Den – soft opening at 9 a.m.; full service ASAP
  • Einstein Bagels – 10 a.m.
  • Retail locations (Susquehanna, Einstein's, Piadina Trattoria, Panda Express, C-Stores) – 11 a.m. or normal opening time
  • Satellite and stand-alone retail locations (Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, Arts Cafe, LA Cafe, 7720 Cafe) – 11 a.m. or normal opening time
  • GrubHub online at noon opening time


In order to eliminate the need to clear and treat roofs during inclement weather, all garage roofs will be closed through the end of March 2021. Ample parking is available on lower levels of garages. Please ensure you are parked in a space where your permit is valid and that you do not park your vehicle in closed areas. 


  • If space is available in a covered resident area, park in those areas first
  • If no space is available in covered resident areas, you may park in overflow and commuter spaces during the inclement weather. Residents will not be ticketed in these other areas during a period of inclement weather. Do NOT park in faculty/staff or visitor spaces.
  • Vehicles must be returned to their regularly assigned areas within 24 hours of the official reopening of campus.  


  • No shuttles, including ParaTransit and SafeRide, will operate when the campus is closed.
  • If the campus is open, riders should expect delays in service and plan accordingly.
  • Please monitor the TU Tiger Ride website and TURide mobile app for the latest updates regarding service.
  • If the campus opens late, shuttles will begin running one hour prior to the planned delayed opening time, as long as it is safe to operate.
  • If the campus closes early, shuttles will run for one hour after the official closure time, as long as it is safe to continue operating.

Transportation Information for Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities should put their safety first when determining whether to travel to, from and around campus in inclement weather. Students, faculty and staff with disabilities who need travel assistance on campus are encouraged to use Paratransit and to call 410-704-RIDE to confirm service availability.

Please note that when TU is closed due to weather or emergency conditions, transportation services will be suspended. If there is an emergency or urgent need, please call the Office of Public Safety at 410-704-4444 for assistance with transportation on campus. Requesters should stay in a safe, indoor location until transportation arrives.

Shuttle Stops During Inclement Weather

For inclement weather days when shuttles are running, the following stops will be relocated as indicated. Please monitor TUTIGERRIDE.com or TURIDE app as alternative stops may be subject to change due to road conditions.

Goucher/Loch Raven

  • Stops #63, 24, 25 Towson Town Apartments: Pick up and drop off will be on Goucher Blvd. at Colbury Road.
  • Stop #37 Towson Crossings Apartments: Pick up and drop off will be on Deanwood Road at the west end of Dowling Circle.

Lachlan circle Express will not be in operation until further notice.


  • Stop #19 Kenilworth at Charles Apartments: Pick up and drop off will be on Kenilworth Avenue at the east end of Donnington Circle
  • Stop #48 Kenilworth at the Colony: Pick up and drop off will be on Kenilworth Avenue curbside.   


  • Stop #73: Use Stop #99, York Road at Lake Avenue.
  • Stops #74 and #55: Use Stop #100, Northwood Drive.

Rodgers Forge will not be in operation except through on-demand requests.

Snow & Ice Removal

Facilities crews work around the clock to maintain campus walkways during inclement weather. To report an icy sidewalk or area that needs to be plowed, call 410-704-2481.

Off-Campus Closure

Off-campus programs and courses  TU in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE), for example  adhere to the announcement of the off-campus facility.

FAQs About Closing

Q: Who decides to close the campus or to cancel or delay classes?
A: The evening before or in the early morning hours, TU’s vice president for administration and finance consults with the Office of Public Safety and the Office of Facilities Management. At that time, they discuss the forecast, the condition of the campus and the known road conditions from Baltimore County and surrounding police jurisdictions. They deliberate with the information they have available and then make a decision about campus closing, opening late or remaining open without delay. If the decision is to close or delay, the Division of University Marketing & Communications then notifies campus via email, text alert, website updates, social media posts and notifies the media and records announcements on TU’s 410-704-2000 and 410-704-NEWS phone lines. The community-wide text message alerts will be sent to those who have signed up to receive them.

Q: If classes are not canceled, but I feel it’s unsafe for me to travel, will my instructors excuse my absence?
A: The university has no official policy on attendance if classes are not canceled. The decision whether to travel is always yours. Many instructors will be flexible. It’s best to ask your instructor for his/her approach so you’re aware of it before a storm hits.

Q: What happens if the university opens in the middle of one of my classes (ie: if the university opens at noon and my class ends at 12:15 p.m.)?
A: Students should report to campus if they have 50 or more minutes left in a class. Individual faculty have discretion to modify delivery format of the course when the weather is inclement.

Q: Does TU ever issue announcements that the campus is open?
A: No. Announcements are issued only when normal operations must be disrupted or suspended. If you don’t hear an announcement, it’s safe to assume the campus is open.

Q: What if an emergency occurs during the day?
A: The same notification process is executed as with overnight emergencies.

Q: Will scheduled events take place if TU is closed?
A: NCAA athletic events may proceed as scheduled, provided the university can ensure a safe environment for players and spectators. (Announcements regarding NCAA events are distributed through the same channels as other TU closing advisories.) All other events, regardless of sponsor, are canceled.

Q: Will TU issue announcements about individual department or program activities?
A: No. Departments should set up their own systems of communication, either through recorded announcements or telephone calls.

Q: Is there a telephone number I can call for the latest information?
A: Call 410-704-2000 or 410-704-NEWS for recorded updates. Please DO NOT call the University Police.

Q: Which radio and TV stations will air emergency closing-related news?
A: In the Baltimore area: WTMD (89.7 FM), WYPR (88.1 FM), WHFS (97.5 FM), WWMX (106.5 FM), WLIF (101.9 FM), WJFK (1300 AM), WBAL Radio 11 (1090 AM), WJZ (105.7 FM), WQRS 102.7, WBAL-TV (11), WJZ-TV (13) and WMAR-TV (2). In the Washington, D.C., area: WTOP (820 AM/103.5 FM), WRC-TV (4),WTTG-TV (5) WUSA-TV (9), WJLA-TV (7) and Newschannel 8.

Q: What about text alerts?
A: You are encouraged to register to receive text messages. This is the safest way to ensure that you receive critical TU notifications on safety issues, school closings and weather alerts. Get more information about Towson University’s emergency notification system.

Q. What if I work or take classes at an off-campus facility that is affiliated with TU?
A. Off-campus programs and courses (at TU in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE), for example) adhere to the announcements of the off-campus facility. TU’s announcements apply only to the main campus, including Towson City Center, 7400 York Road and Terracedale.

Q: Should some employees report to work when TU is closed?
A: Emergency essential personnel should report to work. Talk to your supervisor to see if this policy affects you.

Information for Faculty and Staff

In the event of campus closure, nonessential personnel should not report to work without the approval of their vice president. Supervisors/managers of employees who still report to work have the authority to tell the employee to go home.

Regardless of campus closure, emergency essential personnel are required to report for work. Emergency essential personnel are vital to the operation of the facility, whose absence from duty could endanger the safety and well-being of the campus population and/or physical plant.

Employees identified as sustainable operations personnel must also report to work as directed by their supervisors/managers. Sustainable operations personnel are designated as vital to the operations of their division/department. The functions and level of operations to be sustained are determined by department heads.

For information about leave, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 410-704-2162.

Last updated 12/15/20.