Net Price Calculator

Towson University uses Net Price Calculator software developed by the U.S. Department of Education. Their calculator can be useful for estimating need-based aid, but it does not collect the relevant variables (GPA and SAT/ACT) required to accurately estimate merit-based scholarships.

Federal NPC Accuracy Limitations

  • The main limitation of the Department of Education's Net Price Calculator is that it only collects data that can be used to estimate need-based grants, but then reports aid estimates that include other types of aid that are not based on financial need, such as merit-based scholarships, tuition waivers, and athletic aid.
  • For students with high financial need and average academic profiles, the calculator does a fairly good job of estimating typical combined grant amounts. Actual award amounts will be based on your actual FAFSA data and amounts will vary between students.
  • For students with strong academic profiles, this calculator may under-predict your scholarship aid. If your financial need is too high to qualify for grants, the calculator will often estimate $0 in grant aid, but if your academic profile is strong enough, you may qualify for merit-based TU scholarships. Get more information on the eligibility requirements for TU scholarships