Faculty Resources

The Division of Academic Affairs provides leadership and oversight in curricular matters, the development and administration of academic policies and standards, faculty development and research, and the use and improvement of campus academic facilities.              


Department Summary Recommendation Form (DSR)

International Travel: Staff Travel Waiver

International Travel: Travel Warning Representation

Sabbatical Leave Application

TU Full-Time Faculty Outside Employment, Outside Professional Services, Outside Teaching, and Offload/Overload Teaching Form



Academic Affairs Points of Pride

Course Evaluation Tips for Faculty

Course Evaluation Tips for Students

5 Facts for Students about Course Evaluations

Merit Allocations: Principles and Procedures

Principles Governing Cost Containment in the Academic Affairs Division

Purpose of Provost’s and Dean’s Council

Third Year Review

TU Academic Strategic Plan 2016



Academic Advising Handbook 2013-2014

Faculty Handbook

Teaching Evaluation Handbook



Adjunct Faculty Policy

Chairperson Policy

Clinical Faculty Evaluation, Reappointment, Promotion and Merit Policy

Lecturers Policy

Sabbatical Leave Policy

TU Policies Affecting Students

TU Policies Repository

TU Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure (ART) of Faculty

TU Policy on Intellectual Property

TU Student Academic Integrity Policy

TU Policy on Transitional Terminal Leave for Tenured Faculty Policy

USM Policies


Procedures & Guidelines

Adjunct Faculty Procedures & Guidelines  



Other Procedures and Guidelines

Academic Affairs Guidelines to Address Student Complaints

Board of Regents Faculty Awards Guidelines

Code of Civility

Dean's Responsibilities

External Reviewer Guidelines

Faculty Responsibilities and Absences

Faculty Workload Guidelines

Guidelines on Course Time and Effort Buyouts

Guidelines on Double Sections

Implementing Procedures for TU Policy on Leave Without Pay for Faculty

Implementing Procedures for TU Policy on Sabbatical Leave

Instructional Space Procedures

Procedures for Affiliate Appointments

Procedures for Inter-Institutional Appointments

Procedures for Joint Appointments

PTRM Cycle (Full color version)

PTRM Cycle (Black & white version)

Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect

Syllabus Guidelines for Best Practices

TU Guidelines for Use of Material Protected by Copyright