Towson Learning Network

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The Towson Learning Network (TLN) is a part of Towson University’s Division of Academic Affairs. It is responsible for management and support of undergraduate and graduate programs offered at off-campus locations. TLN is strategically and specifically designed as a means of outreach to the metropolitan region and has a rich history of collaboration with Maryland’s public school systems, community colleges, government agencies and businesses.

The TLN mission is to identify and support opportunities for off-campus courses and programs through collaboration with internal and external partners in order to meet the educational demands of the marketplace, deliver quality customer service, enhance the well-being of the Baltimore Metropolitan region, and promote Towson University’s position as a leader in workforce development in Maryland.

TLN promotes and maintains extensive involvement in continuing education and professional development in the metropolitan region by offering courses and programs at Regional Higher Education Centers, in local school systems, and for government agencies. All of the programs supported through TLN provide the same academic rigor as found in on-campus programs.

Maryland School System Partnerships

The Towson Learning Network partners with many local school systems to provide cohort programs at reduced tuition, at convenient off-campus locations, for eligible school system employees in active service. Typically, tuition for these programs is billed directly to the partner school systems and students in the cohorts pay a closed contract fee, generally $250 or less. Cohort programs are structured to allow members to move through a specific number and sequence of courses as a group.

Interested in establishing a school system partnership? Contact Bev German, Executive Director, Towson Learning Network at . 

Courses at Regional Higher Education Centers in Maryland

The Towson Learning Network coordinates programs in four Regional Higher Education Centers in Maryland. Most courses are open to the general public and enrollment is open to all eligible students. Students who register in these courses pay regular tuition and reduced fees.  Programs at the Regional Higher Education Centers are available only to school system employees through a contractual agreement with Towson University.

Regional Higher Education Centers

Courses at Professional Development Schools

TLN works with local school systems to provide courses in Professional Development Schools at reduced tuition rates. These contractual courses are offered upon request and in collaboration with the school improvement teams.