Cultivating a Vibrant & Winning Culture Workshop

According to Bain & Co., companies that create a winning culture are 3.7 times more likely to be top performers. A primary driver for this is because in great cultures, human potential is unleashed and people are inspired to go above and beyond in service of an organizations’ goals. This workshop is designed for anyone who leads a team, works in Human Resources or has an influence on the culture.

Hear from Workshop Participants

"I found a lot of value in the engagement portion with other professionals. I love that culture is a shared experience and that we acted that out live during the workshop. Customization of the customer is preached but you don’t often hear it spoken about the actual employee- this was a powerful concept."

"I was able to learn about the experiences of other organizations in regards to work culture and also took away practical strategies I can directly apply within my own unit to maximize the work experience for my unit."

"It allowed me to look at HR operations in a way more related to the culture of our organization."

About the workshop

All levels

  • How to attract best in class talent in a competitive market
  • Specific tactics for how to create a vibrant and winning culture
  • Best practices to grow and retain a diverse and highly-talented workforce
  • Personalize the experience for each person
  • Make the employee interactions special and unique
  • Make performance and cultural expectations clear
  • Ensure that people know how they are performing and what they need to do to advance
  • Establish many channels to invite feedback and actively listen to people
  • Create an environment that allows people to feel safe and accepted
  • Build brand ambassadorship fueled by positive employee experiences
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