Leading with Values Workshop

Despite evidence that workplaces characterized by trust are more financially successful, trust in institutions and leaders has been eroding globally. This workshop reinforces the foundations of trustworthiness—values and integrity. Through experiential exercises and reflective discussions, this inspirational and thought-provoking workshop prepares participants to articulate their values, use them to drive decision making, and create workplace cultures marked by open, direct, and safe conversations about critical workplace challenges.

About the workshop

All levels of managers/leaders

  • Assess and articulate personal and leadership value
  • Understand values-driven leadership, and the role it plays in building trust with employees, peers, and stakeholders
  • Practice articulating values when setting direction and engaging in difficult conversations
  • Sharpen communication and collaboration skills to build trust at critical moments for the team and organization
  • Gain tools to build a culture of authenticity, openness, fairness, and well-being
  • Exercises and discussions to surface personal values and build a moral compass
  • Creation of a personalized toolkit that allows them to let go of noise in order to focus in on what really matters
  • Case studies to practice values-based decision making while attending to trust
  • Skill building in communication, collaboration, and demonstrating caring
  • A values-surfacing exercise they can take back to their work teams
  • Lead by example and understand the criticality of actions matching words- and how seemingly small incongruent actions impact levels of trust
  • Communicate how and why decisions get made, which alternatives were evaluated and the mechanisms in place to assess impact
  • Importance of consistently being perceived as a trust-worthy leader
  • Analyze potential reactions by competitors and/or adversaries and prepare for responses to criticism
  • Establish a healthy working environment by rewarding behaviors that focus on the well-being of people
  • Cultivate a sense of authenticity in the workplace and encourage healthy debates

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