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Friday Social Group 




What is Friday Social Group? Friday Social Group is a fun and relaxed gathering!   TU students and Hussman Center participants get together and have a good time playing games, doing theme-based activities, or just hanging out and getting to know each other.  

Some snacks and beverages are provided, and participants are welcome to bring a store-bought snack or beverage (non-alcoholic!) to share.    

Parking is available in our garage. The Hussman Center does not provide transportation.   

The Hussman Center hosts the Friday Social Group every other Friday from 6-8pm during the fall and spring semesters. Here is our schedule:   

Social Group Schedule (PDF)   
What are the benefits of a Social Group Membership?
  • Discounted flat rate of 35 dollars for 1 semester (7 sessions)  of Friday Social Groups  
  • Advanced sign-up process before each Friday Social Group to guarantee a spot 
  • “E-Z Pass” check-in process at the front desk with membership card 
  • Best for participants who want to attend most or all Friday Social Groups
  • Spots are limited and fill very quickly, make sure to sign-up as soon as the form goes live
Can I attend Friday Social Group if I am not a member?
  • You can still attend Friday Social Group if you don’t have a membership  
  • Pay $7 dollars per group  
  • Sign-up when you please – less commitment than a membership  
  • Best for participants who want to attend some but not all Friday Social Groups 

Visitors need to fill out a visitor form (PDF) once a year. 

How do I request a membership?

The sign-up process is online, and the form goes live a minimum of two weeks before the first social group.  

 Details about how and when to sign-up are shared via email before the sign-up process is live online.   

You must be on the social group announcement list to get the email announcing when the form goes live. 

If you would like to receive Friday Social Group announcements, click the link and select “social group” to be added to our announcement list:


How do I sign up for each Friday Social Group I want to attend?

You must sign-up each time you want to come to Friday Social Group.   

Before any Friday Social Group, an email is sent out with information about the group that Friday.   

There is a link to sign-up in the email. Click the link and follow the directions to get your spot.    

Members get advanced notice.    

See the schedule for days/time of email notice for members and visitors.  

Social Group Schedule (PDF)

What if Friday Social Group is full when I go to sign up?

If the list is full when you go to sign-up, put yourself on the waitlist and we will try to get you in that week.  

If we can’t get you in, we will give you the first chance to sign-up for the next Friday Social Group.  

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