Our Social Groups

The Hussman Center for Adults with Autism hosts Social Group activities on pre-scheduled Friday evenings from Fall through Spring. The groups are dynamic, interactive experiences for adults with autism and Towson University Students. Participants gather for social interaction and take part in activities that interest them in a supportive setting. This informal group meets at the Hussman Center . Transportation is not provided by the Hussman Center.  However, parking is available at no cost for attendees. All attendees must register in advance of attending, complete either a Visitor form or Membership application, and pay the Social Group attendance fee.

Social Group Sign-up Information

All social groups require advanced registration through an online RSVP process. 

Individuals who wish to attend complete either a membership application  (PDF) or a visitor form (PDF).  All attendees follow the Hussman Center Behavior Standards (PDF).   

Social Group Memberships involve application and payment of a fee that covers the cost for Social Groups for a specified number of sessions. Social Group Visitors pay a fee for each Social Group attended. 

For more information and to request a Social Group Membership Form or Visitor Form, please send an email to


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