Information for TU Students

Support for TU Students with Autism

The College Orientation & Life Activities Program (COLA) is designed for Towson University students with autism who would like support in adjusting to college life.

The COLA program focuses on supporting students in addressing challenges, developing strengths, exploring opportunities, and planning for success as a Towson University student. Support is tailored to each COLA student’s self-determined goals in independent living, social experiences, academic success, and work exploration.


Individual weekly meetings with the Hussman Center COLA program coordinator provide consistent, constructive communication. Each COLA student also has a Towson University student peer mentor who can listen, advise and support their goals.85002

Two levels of the COLA program are offered:

  • COLA Regular: $4,000 per semester (in addition to TU tuition)
  • COLA Lite: $2,500 per semester (in addition to TU tuition)

Note: The COLA intake meeting fee is $100 (paid separately from the program fee).  For more information contact


Towson University Student Involvement

Students at Towson University can become involved in the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism through service-learning related courses, internships, social group attendance or participation in our LAPS for Autism annual fund raiser or other opportunities.

More than 200 Towson University students a year are involved in learning experiences in programs and Social Groups at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism. Students learn to interact with adults with autism as peers and members of the community.  Students in professional preparation programs learn best practices for working with adults on the spectrum Students who participate in these programs report this being consider this a life-changing experience. Many decide to go on to careers working in the field of autism.  Many report key ways that they can support more inclusive communities and  help advocate for more accepting workplaces.

For more information about Towson University classes associated with the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, please contact the Hussman Center directly.