The Hussman Center for Adults with Autism supports research and scholarship activities aimed at improving the quality of life for adults with autism. Many departments and disciplines at Towson University have collaborated with the Hussman Center in conducting faculty-student research that address the needs and priorities of neuro-diverse adults. All research activities follow the Institute for Well-Being Research Application and Review Process.

Current Research Studies 

Dr. Kaitlyn Wilson, Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Dr. Aaron Dallman, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, are collaborating on research projects at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism:

The Video Modeling Library project aims to expand the options for Hussman Center instructors and participants who wish to teach or learn about social skills. The video models were created at TU specifically for adults with ASD and show role play of various conversational and self-advocacy skills, among others. Those who use the videos will be asked to provide feedback to help the team enhance the videos and determine the needs and preferences of those who use them.

The Coping with Covid-19 project hopes to understand how young adults with ASD are experiencing and coping with the changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The interdisciplinary project spans across the fields of occupational therapy, occupational science, and speech and language sciences. In this research project, participants complete a variety of surveys and an interview. The researchers hope to use findings from this study to find ways that researchers and clinicians can provide more supports to those on the spectrum when unexpected circumstances occur.

The Showcasing Strengths Project is looking for adults with autism spectrum disorder, between the ages of 18-55, to complete a brief survey and a virtual focus group interview. We are interested in learning about your experiences. Your voice is extremely important, and by participating in this study you can help us understand more about autistic adults. If you are interested in participating, please complete the survey.

Dr. Wilson is also collaborating with a colleague at the Metropolitan State University of Denver on a survey study looking at self-advocacy and social communication skills of college students with various learning needs, including those with and without ASD. This project aims to inform future programs for college students who may desire self-advocacy or social communication support.

Please contact us at or for more information or to participate in these projects.

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