Department of Electronic Media & Film

Find your voice, develop your storytelling talents and pursue your vision through the department’s undergraduate programs.

The Electronic Media and Film Department engages a new generation of enthusiastic artists, entertainers and communicators to share media in bold and unconventional new ways. We will inspire you, foster your talents and skills in a nurturing environment and empower you to succeed in an evolving digital world. Expand your knowledge and experiences, shape how you express your ideas and heighten your understanding and awareness of the media and its powerful traditions and exciting future.

Explore the potential of film, video, audio and new media and discover the link between liberal arts and professional training – between theory and practice. Build communities and create partnerships that encourage artistic, social and cultural diversity.

You will become fully aware of the transformative power of the media and your role in responsible civic engagement. You will get first-hand experience through the department-operated HD television studio, an HD cinema and a media laboratory with cameras, lighting and audio equipment, studios, editing/post-production suites and radio production rooms.

Get Hands-on Experience

Towson’s Media Center gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in creating your own productions. Take advantage of our Media Labs which provide equipment and space for video, audio, and multimedia production.  Pursue an Internship to build vital career experience.  Explore the opportunity for Scholarships, the potential to Study Abroad, and the chance to join vibrant Student Organizations.

Your Vision, Your Voice

Learn more about the program from our faculty and students in this video.

EMF Major for a Day

Lights, Camera, Action! Join us on October 21st, 2016 to find out what it means to be a student in the Electronic Media and Film Department at Towson University.  All prospective students and parents are invited to attend.  Space is limited and RSVP is required. Please RSVP online.

The event will run from 9:30AM to 2:30PM, with registration from 8:30AM to 9:30AM. Attendees will experience classes, workshops and equipment demonstrations covering a variety of media topics and techniques, including:

  • Lighting the Set - A Crash Course in Lighting a Dramatic Scene
  • Grab Them and Don’t Let Them Go! - Story Development for Screenwriters
  • The Art of Framing the Shot - Aesthetics in Film and Media Arts
  • Shooting with the Big Guns - HD, 4K and Beyond… Camera Demos
  • Capturing the Beat - Music Recording Studio Sessions
  • Live! from TU - Live Multi-Camera Production in the HDTV Studio
  • Green Screens and Virtual Sets - HDTV Station Operations
  • Blood and Screams - An Introduction to Horror Cinema
  • Hands On! - A Stop Motion Animation Workshop
  • Cut It Up! - Editing a Video Remix in Premiere Pro for YouTube
  • Beyond Godzilla - An Introduction to East Asian Cinema

RSVP required. Get your spot today. After you register, more information will be provided. Email  with any questions. 

Fall Film Series

Hosted by Dr. Michael Duffy

The 2016 EMF Fall Film Series, now in its 26th year, will interpret the theme of “Politics and Change” through a ten-week presentation of films and discussion from Towson University faculty of various disciplines.  In this important election year, we are considering our country’s past and future in a complex and critical manner, and this series will contemplate how our political histories have been considered through popular film

The series will feature historical dramas based on true events (Good Night and Good Luck, dramatizing the Edward R. Murrow/Joseph McCarthy conflict), acclaimed documentary work (Democrats, Camilla Nielsson’s recent film which chronicles Zimbabwe’s attempt at moving from dictatorship to democracy), and intelligent political satire (Wag the Dog, The Great Dictator), along with stirring Hollywood dramas both classic (Gabriel over the White House) and contemporary (The Hunt for Red October).  The screenings will take place Monday evenings from Sept. 19th through Nov. 21st at 7:30pm in Van Bokkelen auditorium, and are FREE!  Join us!

2016 EMF Fall Film Series: Politics and Change

9/19 – Gabriel Over the White House – Greg Faller, Associate Dean, COFAC
9/26 – The Milagro Beanfield War – Dave Reiss, EMF
10/3 – Good Night and Good Luck – Elyshia Aseltine, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice
10/10 – Democrats – Ramona Diaz, EMF Artist-in-Residence
10/17 – Wag the Dog – Carl Yamamoto, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies
10/24 – Dave – Marc May, EMF
10/31 – The Great Dictator – Michael Duffy, EMF
11/7 – Memories of Underdevelopment – Diego del Pozo, Dept. of Foreign Languages
11/14 – Lions for Lambs – Patrick Young, Director, TU Veterans Center
11/21 – The Hunt for Red October – Lorrie Palmer, EMF

News & Events

EMF Faculty at UFVA

Congratulations to all the EMF faculty members who presented at the University of Film and Video Association conference in Las Vegas. Profs. Danny Mydlack, Elsa Lankford, Joe Kraemer and Lynn Tomlinson each presented papers and/or served on panels.  Prof. Marc May served as one of the conference organizers.

Prof. Lynn Tomlinson awarded First Place in New Media at UFVA

EMF Professor and Animator Lynn Tomlinson was awarded First Place in the New Media category by the University of Film and Video Association for her "Digital Puppetry Crab" app.

Artist in Residence Ramona Diaz wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Documentary filmmaker Ramona Diaz, who will be an Artist in Residence with the EMF Department in Fall 2016 was just awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship.