The Honors College has talented professors who love to inspire students. Outstanding teachers, prominent researchers, authors and scholars offer insights in their fields of study. Honors faculty represent a range of academic disciplines and are among the most innovative at Towson University.

In the Classroom

Honors classroom

 Each semester Honors College students have the opportunity to take over 40 Honors courses with excited and inventive Towson faculty members. With course enrollments limited to 20 students and a focus on the seminar-style discussion format, students have the opportunity to build connections with faculty from day one on campus. The Honors College believes that the undergraduate experience is enhanced by a collaborative learning philosophy which encourages students and faculty to work side-by-side in the classroom.

Honors College seminars are proposed by faculty members with the specific intention of enabling students and faculty to examine areas that are not usually part of regular departmental offerings. Honors seminars provide a robust and collegial discussion environment that is intellectually demanding, and encourage undergraduate research, interdisciplinary perspectives, critical thinking, and global awareness. Honors seminars often deal with topics that are at the forefront of a faculty member's academic inquiry, and which have direct relevance to world in which we live.

Faculty-Led Research

Faculty-led research

 Honors students work one-on-one with TU faculty in the pursuit of Honors electives like internships, independent studies, and thesis writing. Faculty supervision allows Honors students the opportunity to gain valuable experience engaging in work which will prepare them for graduate study or the working world. 

Some recent examples of Honors students gaining recognition for their elective research include:

 Honors College Professor of the Year

Each year, all graduating Honors students are invited to nominate a faculty member for Honors College Professor of the Year.

This year the Honors Class of 2016 selected Dr. Michael Elliott as the Professor of the Year.

Michael Elliott

Dr. Michael Elliott (Ph.D., Emory University) is Associate Professor of Sociology at Towson University. He teaches Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, and Introduction to Sociology. In the Honors College, Dr. Elliott teaches a freshman seminar on water, an advanced seminar on globalization, and Honors Introduction to Sociology. His research focuses on issues related to globalization and world history, including recent publications on the institutional expansion  of human rights, world heritage, and modern beer brewing. Dr. Elliott is currently designing a study about the religious dimensions of pop culture fan communities, where he hopes to recruit the help of Honors College students and their many talents.

Past Honors College Professors of the Year: