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The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute provides a continuum of leadership solutions—for individuals and organizations.

The Institute’s solutions meet you where you are. No matter where you or your organization is on the leadership development journey, the Institute is here to help chart a path forward.

The entire collection embodies Dr. Grasmick’s leadership principles and core values—ethics, resilience, self-awareness, execution and dedication—and are designed to address challenges and meet business needs.

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Signature Programs

We develop impactful leaders who engender trust by consistently demonstrating competence and character. These leaders stand apart from others and positively impact their businesses and communities. Signature Programs are defined by skills-focused curriculum, practical application, coaching and mentorship, and results-driven outcomes. These transformative programs are cohort-based, run for serval months, and are the most immersive and intensive leadership development programs that we offer.

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Events and Experiences

We provide thought leadership in the field of leadership development and host a wide array of events and experiences for individuals and organizations to engage in and help move our region forward. We offer: webinars, workshops, virtual best practice sessions for leadership development professionals, CEO roundtables, institute community convenings, and an annual conference.

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Ongoing coaching provides customized and accelerated growth and development. We provide professional coaching by certified coaches at all levels of a participant’s leadership journey. We thoughtfully match an individual with a coach from our collective based on individual needs, professional aspirations, and life experiences to maximize the value of this critical relationship.

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Customized Solutions for Organizations

We spend time with our clients to understand their unique needs, recommend solutions, and customize leadership development offerings to address a client's specific needs.  

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